Google Red Warning About Unsafe Or Harmful Websites

Google is the most popular search engine online used by millions of people around the world. They also own and develop chrome which is used by millions of people every day. Google as a company has a duty of care to the people who use its products which is why they warn users about unsafe or harmful websites

Example Google Red Warnings About Unsafe Or Harmful Websites

The following examples are used by Google to make webmasters or website visitors aware of unsafe or harmful websites

  1. Warning: This website may be hacked
  2. Warning: This site may harm your computer
  3. Warning: This website has been reported as unsafe
  4. Security Warning: The site ahead contains malware
  5. Warning: The site ahead contains harmful programs

What Impact Can This Have On Your Online Business

If a Google warning message appears on your website it will have a serious impact on your website traffic and sales. Over 2.5 billion people use the Chrome web browser to access websites via desktop and mobile devices. Even more, people use the Google search engine to search and access websites online. So you can imagine the impact a Google Red warning message can have on your business.

Type of Google Warning Messages

Website visitors will see a warning via the Google search results or in the Chrome browser if the content that they are trying to see is dangerous or deceptive.

Warning: The site ahead contains malware

The site that you want to visit might try to install harmful software, called malware, on your computer or mobile device which could steal your personal information. The malware may also include ransomware which will stop you from using your device until you pay the cyber criminals money.

Warning: This Website May Be Hacked

This warning is typical for hacked websites when the attacker has added some new page or altered the original code of the website to add some phishing links to the site. This warning is common when a hacker infects the website with malware such as Trojan horses, email scraping, and phishing schemes. When someone visits the website site they will be redirected to a malicious page or some phishing page and be fooled to reveal sensitive and personal information through a new link added by the attacker. There is also a possibility that a hacker has changed the pages throughout the website which Google has identified while indexing the pages.

Warning: Deceptive site ahead

This warning pops up when somebody hacks your website, and the visitor is about to enter the website. Google may have encountered a deceptive button or links included on the website that would download malware to your device. This is a common attack that hackers use to pry out information from unsuspecting users with the help of phishing and fake sites.

Warning: This Website Has Been Reported As Unsafe

This is when websites mislead visitors to install various types of free software. This is a common technique used by hackers to spread adware that takes over the device and forces users to install more software programs or visit websites

Warning: The Site Ahead Contains Harmful Programs

While indexing a site if Google finds any malicious code on the website, it flags it. Such a Google website warning message prevents these sites from spreading this malware to any computer of an unsuspecting visitor. Since the ads can be instrumental in distributing malware and adware Google warns the visitors with this message.

How Do I Remove the Google Red Warning Message

Complete the following steps to request that Google remove the red warning when visitors visit your website.

It can take a number of days for Google to review your website to ensure it’s safe for its users so you will need to be patient after submitting your request

  1. Reset your Hosting Control panel password and your FTP, Email, and WordPress account passwords.
  2. Remove the Malware or malicious files from your website.
  3. Update your website to use the latest version of WordPress, Themes, or Plugins 
  4. Complete a Malware, Virus scan on your desktop, tablet, or mobile device.
  5. Register and verify your website at
  6. Read the Following guide
  7. Request a review in the Security Issues section in Google Search Console. Once Google determines your site is fixed, they will remove the red warning from your website or a label in the search results.