Hacked Website Repair And Recovery Service Details

The website security service we offer to repair and fix a hacked WordPress website includes the following.

  1. This service is for one site/domain only ( excludes subdomains or add-on domains )
  2. The service is for WordPress Websites only.
  3. We offer a full refund if we do not 100% remove the malware or malicious code from your site.
  4. A full file and MySQL database scan is completed to locate and remove all the malicious code or Malware from your site.
  5. Update WordPress and any free plug-ins, and themes you have installed on the website to the latest versions.
  6. Install and set up a free version of the popular Wordfence security plugin to secure and protect your website.
  7. We will complete additional security hardening at your site to reduce the risk of any further security compromises.
  8. The service we offer comes with 30 days of technical support.

If you have any questions about the malware removal service we offer to fix and repair a hacked WordPress website read the FAQ or contact us at the website.